Credit EA 1 – Optimize Energy Performance

Maxon offers energy-efficient LED task lights.


Credit MR 2 – Construction Waste Management

Maxon packaging can be recycled with other on-site wastes or off-site, depending on project preference. Corrugate, our primary packaging material, is easy to recycle while stretch wrap and polystyrene recycling depends on local recycling capabilities.


Credit MR 4 – Recycled Content

All of Maxon’s products contain recycled content in varying amounts and most contribute enough to support both points in credit MR 4. Each product has its own Environmental Data Sheet that provides the post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled content for that product.


Credit MR 5 – Regional Materials

Maxon furniture is manufactured in Muscatine, Iowa, so projects within 500 miles are supported. Evaluating potential rail shipment options could possibly increase that range up to 1,500 miles.


Credit IEQ 4.5 – Low Emitting Materials: Systems Furniture and Seating

Maxon products use the ANSI/BIFMA method to meet EQ 4.5 for systems furniture and seating. SCS Indoor Advantage certificates are the necessary proof, are updated annually, and will be provided for the appropriate dates and products.


Credit IEQ 6.1 – Controllability of Systems – Lighting

Maxon task lighting can be turned on and off by each occupant, contributing to the point.


Credit IEQ 8.1 – Daylight and Views – Daylight

Maxon furniture can support the two daylight points by providing furniture of varying heights. Offices and taller features placed in the interior of the space maximize view opportunities, but ultimately, the building and window structures must have sufficient natural light access to allow light to pass into the space’s interior.


Credit IEQ 8.2 – Daylight and Views – Views

Maxon’s furniture can support the view credit if the building has sufficient vision glazing to allow views from the required areas. Offices and taller features placed in the interior of the space maximize view opportunities.


Innovation in Design Credits & Pilot Credits

The EQ 4.5 credit of LEED Interior Design + Construction can be used in LEED Building Design + Construction as an innovation credit, using the same paperwork and Indoor Advantage certificates.

Pilot Credit 112 – Certified Multi-Attribute Products and Materials

This credit requires products with third party certification to multi- attribute standards. The ANSI/BIFMA e3 Furniture Sustainability Standard and level certification program meet this requirement. Maxon’s furniture is level® 2 certified to that standard and can contribute to this credit.