KKT Chillers Solutions Case Study

May 29, 2018

Corporate image and growth were key elements in designing the new office space.

10 years and office move #3, I realized this space would need to accomplish
the following:

  • Establish a harmonious work environment to facilitate the communication between teams.
  • Provide individual work spaces for the present needs and to accommodate future growth. 
  • Create an aesthetically pleasing design utilizing Corporate image guidelines.
  • Project the level of professionalism our Customers have come to expect.

I found all my needs were accomplished when designing with the Surpass and Emerge series from Maxon.

My vision for this space finally came to fruition after visiting the showroom at Rieke Office Interiors.  They provided me with an abundant assortment of colors, fabrics and substrates as well as the ability to see the design come together.

In the end, a Company is judged by the level of product quality, customer service and support.  With that being said, I have had a very positive experience and appreciate the opportunity to share it with you.

Erica Lazaridis, VP
KKT Chillers, Inc.



Unique Concepts

  • Laminate Tiles
  • Fabric Tiles
  • Glass Tiles
  • Natural light along with high panels
  • Cushioned peds with bright color
  • Coordinating storage


KKT Chillers Solutions Case Study (pdf)