The Responsible Choice

Maxon Furniture Inc. is dedicated to the continual improvement of our environment and the preservation of natural resources.

  • Our supplier certification program identifies companies with environmental goals like ours.
  • Our particle board suppliers use recycled content from post-industrial sources.
  • Our products utilize steel that contains post-consumer recycled content and is recyclable.
  • Our products utilize aluminum that contains post-consumer recycled content and is recyclable.
  • Our packaging materials contain post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled content and are recyclable.
  • Our bulk packing option consumes fewer raw materials and decreases the amount of shipping materials our customers must recycle or send to landfills.
  • Reducing cartoning also reduces greenhouse gas emissions by decreasing the number of trucks needed to deliver Maxon product.
  • Our outbound load planning system combines product shipments to geographical areas to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of the trucking companies.

Maxon also wants to encourage future recycling. To keep our furniture out of landfills at the end of its lifetime, we have supplied disassembly instructions for Surpass. The composition of all parts is identified to help recycle the old materials into new.

Surpass Disassembly Instructions