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Parallel Teaming and Collaboration Stations

Parallel Teaming and Collaboration Stations

Parallel L-Shaped Station

Parallel L-Shaped Station

Parallel Reception Station

Parallel Reception Station

Open Bottom Panels

Open Bottom Panels

Parallel 120 Degree Configuration

Parallel 120 Degree Configuration

Parallel Teaming Configuration

Parallel Teaming Configuration

Parallel U-Shaped Station

Parallel U-Shaped Station

Overhead Storage

Overhead Storage

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Quality. Versatility. Value.

Designed to be versatile and cost-effective, the Parallel Unitized Panel System provides the flexibility to change your work environment as your needs change. Monolithic and segmented panels in varying shapes, sizes and finishes allow you to create virtually any workspace. Parallel Panels are backed by our limited lifetime warranty, so you can buy with confidence. Click here to see how other companies are using the Parallel Unitized Panel System.

  • Overview
  • Technical Specs

Light-weight and structurally solid

A variety of finish options to create a sophisticated look while lowering costs. Various panel heights can be used to maintain privacy or encourage collaboration.

Customize Parallel with translucent sliding or lockable hinged door overheads to suit your privacy needs.

Coordinating overhead cabinets and shelves, freestanding pedestal and lateral files, bookcases, storage towers and personal storage centers ensure the perfect solution for every storage need.

A wide selection of worksurface options

High-pressure laminate worksurfaces are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Choose from a broad selection of T-mold or Edgeband Solid or Woodgrain trim options.

Half-Round Extensions allow for additional workspace and provide an excellent way for team members to collaborate.

Panel-Mounted Privacy Screens are a cost-effective way to provide additional visual privacy for workspaces in an open-plan environment.

Power and Data

Raceway panels have 6” tall raceways that allow you to route power and data to computers and other electrical components with ease.

Value engineer Parallel workstations by using non-raceway panels when power and data are not needed.

Open Bottom panels can be used against an existing building wall to access electrical or data outlets. Top portion of panel can be customized with fabric or laminate.


Monolithic Panels are available in Raceway and Non-Raceway versions.

Monolithic Raceway Panels are available in six standard widths (24", 30", 36", 42", 48", 60") and six standard heights (36", 42", 48", 54", 66", 78"). Non-Raceway panels are offered in five standard heights (42", 48", 54", 66", 78").

Segmented panels are available in raceway version only and in five standard widths (24" – 48" in 6" increments) and in heights of 42", 54", 66", & 78".

Panels are slotted in one-inch vertical increments.

Panels and panel-mounted Worksurfaces are aesthetically, dimensionally, and functionally compatible with Maxon SERIES 1000 and SERIES 2000 products.

Bottom-hinged base metal raceway covers pivot open and securely shut when closed.

Finish Options

Finish options include fabric, high-pressure laminate, and glass.

Glass panels ship with tempered glass installed.

Construction and Installation

Parallel has an "I-beam" extrusion that connects at panel-to-panel and panel-to-post connections.

Metal components are finished with a baked-on powder coat epoxy. Virtually all trim is painted metal.

Standard Fabric panels are 2" thick with honeycomb core covered by a sheet of fiberglass on each side and wrapped in fabric.

Panel frame is extruded aluminum and tube steel with top cap and all parts needed to complete the installation.

Parallel has a universal post that can be utilized as a 2-Way, 3-Way or 4-Way connection without taking panels down. Every connection post adds 2" to the panel run.

Power & Communication System

Parallel offers a state of the art electrical system to manage diverse electrical requirements and planning flexibility. 8-Wire/ 4-Circuit electrical system can provide 3 Utility + 1 Isolated, or 2 Utility + 2 Isolated configurations.

Power and data can be accessed at desk-height through the use of worksurface mounted electrical and data receptacles.

Raceways accommodate up to 48 each Cat. 5E or Cat. 6 cables with power components in place.

All panels 30" or wider will accommodate up to four base-line duplex outlets per panel (2 duplexes per side).

24" W base panels will accommodate up to two base-line duplex outlets (1 duplex per side).

24" and wider base panels have dedicated data port knockouts. All duplex knockouts can be used for data if not used for power.

Worksurfaces & Supports

Worksurfaces come standard with wire management scallops and are interchangeable with all other Maxon Furniture panel systems.

Maxon offers more than 250 different shapes and sizes.

Worksurfaces are available in T-mold, Edgeband, and Wood Look Edgeband treatments.

All Worksurface tops are finished with a high-pressure, scratch-resistant Wilsonart laminate.

Worksurfaces use 1 1/8" particleboard with a .026" high-pressure backer to seal each surface and prevent warping.

All Worksurfaces can be hung on panels in 1" vertical increments. Wall mount supports are available.

Worksurface support options include cantilever brackets, end panel legs, C-Legs, floor pedestals, and lateral files.

Panel-Mounted Overhead Storage

Overhead storage is available in all standard panel widths.

All overhead cabinets have either 14 gauge steel off-modular hanging brackets with built-in anti-dislodgement clips or a 16 gauge steel wall mounting track. Overheard shelves have 16 gauge formed steel end panels with built-in anti-dislodgement clips.

All overhead cabinets and straight shelves are fully welded assemblies. End panels are 18 gauge formed steel, while lids, shelves, and doors are formed from 20 gauge steel. Corner shelves use 1-1/8" particleboard with a high-pressure laminate top and are fully edgebanded. Shelves have built-in back stops.

Hinged Cabinet doors can either be a 20 gauge steel flat painted door, or a 20 gauge curved steel painted door. All hinged door cabinets come standard with a core removable lock and the doors flip up over the cabinet top with ball-bearing slides. Easy assist mechanisms are optional with the curved door cabinets. Frosted acrylic sliding door cabinets are available and provide an aesthetic and functional alternative to overhead cabinets.

Under shelf task lighting is available.

Performance and Approvals

Product line meets or exceeds all ANSI/ BIFMA standards.

All electrical system components are UL listed (File 113033).

All fabric surfaced tackable panels have a NRC rating of .45.

Written Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Standard fabric panels have a class "A" flame rating.

Standard fabric panels are SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certified.

Parallel has received level 2 Certification.

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