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Office Remodeling

Is your office remodel driven by the need to expand or consolidate, update your image, or is it simply time for new office furniture? Whatever the reason, there are ways to minimize the cost for maximum impact and minimum disruption. Office remodeling can be the shot in the arm that your company needs to get to the next level.

What are your office remodeling goals?
Always start with your goals. Why are you remodeling and what do you hope to get out of it. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize exactly what you need to achieve these goals--and even harder to then translate those into reality. Our online Needs Assessment Tool can help you easily identify what you need and then help you establish a budget to meet your objectives. It helps you clarify your current and future needs, including the kind of data and electrical support required.
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How long will my office remodel take?
Our online Timeline Tool can help you determine the time required to select, order, move and install your office systems. Factors to consider include the number and types of workstations needed, your company’s decision-making time style, production time for the manufacturer, and installation and shipping timelines.
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How much will my office remodel cost?
Remodeling costs can vary dramatically, depending on the extent of the remodel and types of furniture needed. Costs for different types of workstations have different price tags. For example, the average cost of a telemarketer station starts at about $700 while an accountant’s station starts at about $2,000. So, creating a budget can be challenging. Our online Office Estimator can help you quickly estimate the costs for your remodeling needs.
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Are you looking for an updated image?
If upgrading your image for clients is the main goal, a simple reception area remodel may be just the ticket to significantly improve first impressions. Or, if you want to energize your office environment, changing fabric colors and finishes can work wonders. Our online Color Selector offers customizable color palette selections based on various types of images companies strive to reflect. Take a look now at some of our designer-driven color palettes.
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Local dealers provide office remodeling services.
Local office furniture dealers add value to the office remodeling process by providing project management, design and space planning support and installation. Our online Dealer Contact tool can help you find a reputable, qualified local office furniture dealer.
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The benefits of new office furniture
New office cubicles and desks can drive profitability, productivity, and image. While there is an initial outlay of capital, the return on investment is often substantial. An office remodel can improve your image, your brand and the opinion your clients have of your organization. Interestingly, your office environment can also play a huge factor in attracting top talent to your company.

Download your comprehensive 3 page Remodeling Guide here!

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