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IID Energy Company Finds Power in Maxon Furniture Offerings

Imperial Irrigation District Energy (IID Energy), providing water and power to Southern California’s Imperial Valley, recently tapped the power of Maxon office furniture systems to perfectly meet the diverse needs of its burgeoning office.

Moving to a new 20,000 sq. ft. campus-style headquarters allowed IID Energy to better organize a growing staff and provide more workspace for its employees. They wanted furniture that was attractive, durable and, above all, easily adaptable to the unique needs of its various departments, including engineering, human resources, sales, and customer service.

A Maxon space planner worked closely with IID management to examine existing space, storage, and privacy needs. From there, they designed a plan that effectively addressed these critical challenges as well as the company’s desire for attractive, well-constructed furniture.

IID Energy quickly determined that Maxon Empower panel system was the perfect solution. “The Empower product line sold itself,” explained IID Office Development Project Manager Joel F. Lopez. “The space planner was extremely helpful in the design process, and we really liked the workstation layouts and color palettes of the Inspirations program. Feedback from employees has been great. Everyone loves the layout.”

To complement the panel system and provide its employees with ergonomically sound seating comfort and functional versatility, IID selected Maxon Furniture’s luxurious Bainbridge chair for every workstation and the Cochair-El for managerial workstations requiring guest chairs.

IID Energy’s trust in Maxon Furniture products and services led to an annual buying agreement – an all around win-win situation.

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